OWU 2016 Fall Mailer Cover
Annual Fund solicitations
The art and science of persuasion
No other type of solicitation has more strategy behind it than the one that comes in the mail.
KAC Camper
Compelling cases
Speaking to both the head and the heart
Great case statements are about the good your organization does. For one client, a video with adorable kids says a thousand words.
NKU Proposal Cover
Customized donor proposals
Solicitation materials tailored to your donor's personal interests
Every donor--and every ask--is different. A custom proposal makes a case for support that speaks specifically to your donor.
Illustrating outcomes
Connecting donors to the greater good they make happen: Don’t just talk about what you do; talk about why it matters.
Donor publications
Storytelling that celebrates and inspires giving
Illustrating to donors the impact they have is important for every non-profit.
Woman braiding another woman's hair
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