Get by with a little help (from your friends at Gifted)

March 23, 2017

I got a call the other day that reminded me: Sometimes we all just need a little help.

We’re not incapable. We’re fully competent. But for whatever reason—too swamped with other work, an illness that set us back a few days, procrastination—we just can’t get the thing done on our own.

When the client called to ask for urgent help on this particular project, I could tell he’d been beating himself up. It was just a summary, for goodness sake. He’d already created all the pieces and parts, hours and hours of research and writing to painstakingly assemble the organization’s case for support. Why was it so hard to draft a simple summary?

“I get it,” I said. “I’m on it.”

And without the mountain of psychic dread hanging over me, I was able to simply do the thing. The client was pleased when I emailed him a draft the very next day. The relief in his voice was palpable when he thanked me over the phone.

I could tell because I’ve been there, too—berating myself for my inertia, stubbornly refusing to ask for help.

Just when you think you’re headed for disaster, somehow you get what you need. The pep talk you didn’t know you needed to hear. The friend who helps you clarify your goals. The colleague who steps in and says, “I got this.” 


Project got you down? Reach out to your friends at Gifted. We’ve got you covered.

About the Author, Alice Duncanson

Alice Duncanson is a principal at Gifted Communications

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